Eleven year old Eli Jankowsky started a journey with her eleven year old husband Ami in the spring of 1550 to get to a dock to get on board the fishing boat that was taking them over to their new home in what was to be called Storybrook.They both had a large piece of land set aside as their future home in Storybrook and they were eager to get over there and start their new lives.
    They were the first to volunteer as colonial settlers who'd start a settlement for the fishing fleets of Europe wanting a safe harbor with services they could pay for and food they could get to restock their boats before returning to Europe.
    Eli and Ami Jankowsky arrived on the last evening of spring and ended up spending the night at the city hall of their new town.They started walking over to where they were told their new lot was to take a look at it and saw that it was a larger sized lot for farming which was what they wanted since raising children would mean working from home.They saw the computers,sleeping bags,iPads and brooms which they claimed because those things were on their lot and belonged to them as a part of their property.
    They decided to go back to the city hall since it was also the town's only library to study about gardening.They ended up getting onto the laptop computers at the library to study gardening online.They spent quite a bit of time studying and gained enough gerdening skill that they would be able to start harvesting produce in a few days.They decided to continue to study their gardening for a while and gain as much skill in it as they could.They didn't want to start trying to harvest with gardening skill being too low.
    They continued to study the gardening skill on the computers because they were supposed to be starting up a new colonial settlement and would need to start growing their own food before too much longer.It would be very hard to get anything to eat if they were to be relying on what got shipped out to their town.They both had long hours of studying ahead of them if they were going to become faster with gardening and it was harder to get the job done if the skill remained very low with no effort being made to improve it.
    They both took study breaks to use the washrooms and to eat before getting back to work and studying gardening skill on the iPads this time for a change.The study on the iPads was going to keep them very busy for at least a few hours to gain as much skill as they could before it was time to stop for dinner.This was another thing they'd never had the chance to do before in their old lives because they would've been too busy slaving away at some full time jobs all day and be too tired to even think about studies after a long day.
     They'd been studying gardening skill for a long while that day and it was starting to get late when they had to stop to use the washrooms and eat dinner.They decided to get some green salad from fridges because it was free that way and they didn't have any money to buy dinners yet.It was getting to be about 7PM and had started getting dark out as they were both eating dinner.They both had to make sure they didn't need the washrooms before heading back to their own lot to get ready for bed and get to sleep for the night.
    Ami arrived at home at about 7PM and he was so tired that he decided to just clean things up and get to sleep in his sleeping bag for the night.Eli was still eating and getting ready to get back home at that time after having to spend so much time studying to learn about gardening.She wouldn't get home until about 7:30 and would want to check out the strange device on their lot before she got to sleep.It had clearly shown up on the lot while they'd been at the library studying their gardening skill on the computers.
    She ended up arriving at home by 7:30 and started poking around at the device to find out what it was and set it off.It went crazy and a strange guy who called himself Emit tumbled out of the device.He asked Eli if she could help him get what he called a time portal fixed be finding the things he called power cells.They were scattered all over the place on the lot and she had to gather them up and give them to Emit.He managed to get the device working and got back to where he'd come from by 8PM.
     Eli and Ami had been planning on getting their new house built before they got into the colder fall and winter weather.It was time for them to start working on getting their new home set up and on getting it to the point where it would be ready for starting a family.They also had to think about making their house baby and toddler friendly when they built it.


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