Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up early in the morning of their second day in Storybrook and they got to Garden House to get ready for the day.Their plans for the day were to start working on getting some produce harvested and sold at the store later on to start getting some cash saved up before starting on their house build.It would have to get done before the weather started turning and it got very cold out since they wouldn't want to be sleeping outside in the winter unless they had no other choice.
     They both got out to start working on getting produce harvested in the hot summer weather after eating breakfast and using the washroom.It was starting to get very hot as they worked on the garden and it ended up getting even hotter as they day was progressing.They both hoped they wouldn't start to overheat as they were working in the hot sun for most of the day.It was being done to try to earn enough money to start building so they could get work.It was eventually time to quit as late afternoon approached.
     They were almost finished woking in the gardens by late afternoon and it was time to call it quits for the day so they could use the washrooms to get cleaned up and get some dinner to eat.They were both starting to find that their gardening skill was still a little too low and it was still taking them too long to get anything done.They ended up selling some produce at the store and had to start heading back home since it was already 7PM and they would have to get to sleep after getting to their lot and getting it cleaned up.
     It was 7:30 in the evening when Ami got home and got into his sleeping bag.Eli had started on her way home only to find that she needed to use a toilet once again and had to stop at Garden House to take care of that before getting home.It was looking like they would have a long dry spell this time around in the summer.They were starting to come to the realization that their old struggles in Europe were over and that they had been given a chance at a starting to build new lives for themselves and their children.
    Eli didn't get home until it was already 8PM because of the stopover she'd made on the way home.She was very tired when she arrived though she had to pay the bills before getting to sleep for the night.


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