Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up so early that it was still dark out as they rushed over to Garden House to use the washrooms and eat breakfast to get ready for the day.It was now their fourth day in Storybrook and they were starting to get used to the idea of owning their land and having to get their house built before winter arrived.They'd be sheltering at public lots if they failed to get started on the house before winter arrived.

     They were both ready to start working in the gardens though it was still dark out and it was only 4AM.They ended up stopping to play online social games on their iPads for a while before it would be late enough to start work on harvesting the produce.They both knew that they'd have to begin preparing for the upcoming winter and should expect to have a long hard winter to survive.

     Eli and Ami both got out to start work on the harvest at 5AM and they did have to work very hard that day as was usually the case.They needed to get enough produce to stock up for the coming winter and also earn enough money to start paying for building supplies like framing and drywall for their new house.

     It was gettingnclose to 5PM when they finally had to stop working in the gardens and start using toilets and taking showers to get cooled down for dinner.They decided to spend some time studying after dinner using the iPads to study the skills online.

     They had to take another break at 7Pm before getting back to their studies for a short while.They only planned on studying for an hour before heading back to their lot to get to sleep.

     They got so wrapped up in their studies that it was 9PM before they even knew to stop.They ended up deciding to stay the night at Garden House because it had gotten so late.


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