Eli and Ami Jankowsky both got up bery early on that summer morning in 1550 and found it was still dark out.It had gotten too late for them to get home the previous night so they'd stayed over at Garden House for the night.Their plans were to get as much work done at harvesting as they could in that day and sell what they could at the end of the day.
    They were wanting to get ready for the new day quickly and get to work before it got too late in the day to get anywhere.It was still summer and the weather was hot at the moment though that would start to change as they entered fall and moved on towards winter.They had always know winters to be very cold and brutal because that's what they'd known for their entire lives while a mild winter was a rare exception for them.That was what they were expecting in Storybrook when they agreed to settle down in their new lives.
    They both started out using the washrooms right after getting up and decided to have breakfast after the showers were taken care of.They decided that Eli would be working at Garden House while Ami went over to Garden Market to get to work there.They made the decision to spread their work out and cover more ground in a single day so they could earn more money from selling the produce.It was already starting to look like it would be a very hot sunny day again like it had been every day.
    Eli started work right away in the garden getting produce harvested while Ami was headed for Garden Market and would be working there for the day.They were both working very hard with the scorching hot sun beating down on them for hours.They had been forced to take a few shower breaks when they began getting overheated to get themselves cooled down.It was a very hot day and it had been making garden work very hard and it was uncomfortable for the residents.They were hoping to start to have enough to begin building.
     They were both still working as the day wore on and it was still hot and sunny as they continued to harvest the produce they needed to sell later on.It was getting close to mid-summer and that was a time when it could get very hot and they would have to be very careful about working outdoors if the hot dry weather continued for too much longer.It was getting towards late afternoon and they both knew they'd have to quit working and get to the washrooms for showers again very soon because they needed dinner.
    It was about 5:30 when they went to get shwers after quitting the work in the gardens for the day.They both met up at Garden Market at 6PM and sold the produce for enough cash to start building soon.They headed back towards their home though they stopped at Garden House to make sure they used the toilets because they didn't want to need to do that in the night.They got their lot cleaned up since there was a mess and they got into their sleeping bags and were alseep by 7:30 that evening.


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