Eli and Ami Jankowsky got up late on that Saturday morning and headed for Garden House to get ready for the day once they were up.Eli started working at Garden House while Ami stopped off at home to tend their garden before heading to the library to study gardening skill on the library computers.

       Eli was working in the hot sun for hours and trying to get enough produce harvested to make some money to pay for building materials to get their house started.Ami was worried about not having enough gardening skill to be effective at harvesting produce with his skill being low.

    Eli was still working on the produce though she'd moved on from the fruit trees to begin working on the smaller produce later in the day.Ami was starting to study gardening skill at the library while Eli was busy working on harvesting produce for most of the day.

    Ami had been studying gardening skill earlier and stopped to take a break to use the washroom and get something to eat before getting onto a computer to get back to studying gardening skill.He wanted to become better at it before getting back to work the next day.

       Eli was still working when it got to be about 5:30 in the afternoon and it was time to stop to use the washroom and eat dinner before they would have to get ready for bed.She sold some produce for cash before heading back to Garden House where she met up with Ami who'd gone there to join her for dinner.

      It was 7PM when they finished with dinner and got cleaned up to get back to their lot to get themselves to sleep for the night.They ended up not getting into their sleeping bags until about 7:30 that evening.


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