Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up so early it was still dark out as they headed for the city hall to get ready for the day.They'd found after working for the previous day that their gardening skill was still very low and the needed to get to the library instead of going to Garden House so they could study gardening online there.

      They were both able to use toilets and have showers at the same time before settling down to eat cereal for breakfast because it was free from the fridges.It was still dark out as they ate breakfast though it had begun getting light out at that time.

     They had to clean up from breakfast and they were both planning to use iPads or computers to study their gardening skill since they really needed to raise the level up.

      It was light out though still very early as they got their iPads out and started studying gardening skill online.They managed to stick with the study for a few hours before they would have to take breaks from their studies.

     They did have to stop earlier in the afternoon to use washrooms and ended up playing online social games for a while before getting back to work studying gardening skill on the iPads.They were at it again for a few hours until they had to stop again at 5PM to get ready to eat dinner and get ready to get back to their lot.

       They both stopped studying and took turns using the washrooms and eating salad for dinner from the fridges because it wouldn't cost them anything and they were both broke until they could start earning some cash from the gardening.

      They left for home at 7PM and had to clear up the old newspapers and make sure the bills got paid after arriving at their lot.They also decided to get some lettuce planted to grow it and increase the amount they had.

     They were both ready to get into their sleeping bags and get themselves to sleep at 8PM.They were both aware that they'd have to start working on getting a shelter built very soon since summer wasn't going to last forever and they could be facing very cold weather in the fall and in the winter.


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