Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up so early that it was still dark out as they headed for Garden House to get ready for the new day.It was only 3AM and there wouldn't be daylight for at least a few more hours which gave them time to use washrooms and eat breakfast.They both decided to spend some time studying some skills online on the computers until it got light enough to work out in the gardens.

    It was now getting into mid summer and they both wanted to be able to get produce harvested more effectively which required them to start studying on the computers.They managed to get some improvement to their skills by the time it was light out.

     It was finally light enough to start getting to work on harvesting the produce from the gardens to sell for enough money to get started on building their house.It was mid summer and that meant that the season could end sooner and that fall would be coming very soon.They needed to get something built before fall arrived.Ami went to the market while Eli stayed behind to work on Garden House for the day.

    It was later in the day when they finally stopped working to get into the washrooms where they got cleaned up for dinner.They decided to head back to their own lot after eating dinner to get some produce planted in the ground on their lot.They didn't have their house started yet though they were wanting to get that build started soon because it was about mid-summer and they didn't want to be in a panic to get a shelter built in the fall.They sold the space rocks and money bags for 2500$ in cash which would help with getting that house build started.

      A sailor in town for a few days while their ship was being resupplied had some things for sale and they gave him some new food supplies like fish and got a piggy planter for the fish.It was already dark out at 7:30 when they got home and Ami started tending their garden while Eli got things cleaned up.

     It was also time to get the bills paid though they were small because the lot didn;t have much on it yet.It was getting late and they still had chores to finish before getting to sleep.

     They both left the lot after tending the chores because they both needed to use toilets before going to sleep for the night.They went to Garden House quickly and got back soon after leaving.

     It was 9PM when they both finally got into sleeping bags and got to sleep for the night.They were grateful for the dry weather since it still hadn't rained so far that summer.


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