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    There is a town called Storybrook in what's now known as the state of Maine in the US.It was established in the year of 1550 by European fishing fleets needing a safe harbor on the other side of the ocean for when they went over to fish.It was tradtional for the fishing fleets to cross the Atlantic to fish out west though they never had a safe harbor for when supplies ran out or a boat suffered damage from a storm at sea and needed to be repaired.
    The fishing fleets started to want there to be a safe harbor in the 16th century for when they made the journeys to the other side of the Atlantic to go fishing for cod.They would need to gather up those willing to sail to a new land and start new lives with building a settlement from scratch.These settlers could get their own land instead of being a tenant on somebody else's land or working as a laborer for almost nothing and slowly starving to death.They decided to call the new settlement Storybrook County and it was where their colonial recruits were going to settle down.They decided to accept outcasts of all types from occult creatures to those who were simply very poor and had no hope.It took them five years to find the first recruits and they were a young Russian gypsy couple who also happened to both be witches looking to escape from the threat of witch hunts.
     The first couples were expectec to be poor couples having hard times in Europe and looking for a chance to be able to have owned land.It didn't matter to them if they had to work hard and farm their land to earn their money.The fishermen had built the building to be used for the city hall as a lodge for when they had to shelter there for the winter when the winter storms started up early.It was one of the hazards that had driven them to collectively sponsor setting up a colonial settlement on the other side of the Atlantic.
     The fishermen decided to reserve most of the largest lots for the colonists coming to settle down in their settlement.It was necessary to have the largest lots be reserved for residential use as farms because they were the only lots big enough to work for that purpose.They needed people growing produce for them to buy when they needed to restock though the settlers would sell cheap to them in return for getting a second chance.
    The first lot for the settlers was equipped with sleeping bags,a table,chairs,burglar alarm,fire alarm,brooms,laptops and iPads.The family settling there would be able to start building their house after earning enough money to start the build.The new settlers would have to stay over at Garden House if the weather went bad before they built their house or at least built enough to shelter them from the weather.They wanted the settlers to save money up before they started building on their lot so they didn't run out of cash.
    Eli Jankowsky was born in the winter of 1538 to very poor parents and their family had been Russian gypsies who traveled around.They were part of a band of wandering gypies along with a few other families.She grew up with a few children in the group and they would eventually start pairing up into couples as they got older.These kids were all very close friends growing up and wanted to get married to special partners later on.
     She also found out that she was a witch later when she had her ninth birthday and got legal adult status though she wasn't fully matured to adulthood.It wasn't unusual for kids to get married before turning twelve in that part of the world in the 16th century and Eli would just be like the rest of them.They were hearing about places where witch hunts were starting to take place and those targeted by these hunts weren't always witches.Some were just ordinary poor people suffering from very hard times and others just didn't fit into their town.
     Ami Bronski was born in the early spring of 1539 and grew up as a close friend of Eli Jankowsky.They were both children together and grew into older kids with legal adult status as they got older.They were aware that they wanted to get married as they got older and they were getting closer over the time they were growing up.They ended up becoming engaged for marriage shortly after Ami's ninth birthday and would be married before turning ten.
     They had to have a small and simple wedding in the fall of that year after hearing that witch hunters were going to be moving into the area by late fall.Ami changed his last name to Jankowsky after getting married though they'd be giving the last name Bronski to one of their children to carry it on.They had left shortly after getting married and knew it was possible the witch hunters might've killed off their families after they left.That was when they decided to make sure both family names got passed on to the kids.
    They ended up in London by winter and stayed there for that winter though it was hard for them.It was in the spring of 1550 that there were offers for some volunteers to go start up a new colonial settlement for the fishing fleets in North America and the ship was leaving very soon.They both answered the call for volunteers and ended up sailing to the new settlement.


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  1. I saw you linking someone to your blog and decided to stop by.You write very well; however you claim your game takes place in 1550.I'm a high school history teacher; and in the year of 1550 they would not be using computers and dressed in jeans and shorts.If you want someone to take your story seriously, you should make your game look more like the time period.Watching tv is not something that would happen in the 1500s.